• Bar Paura

    From breakfast to snack, all scary.

  • Apecesare

    Ape Cesare is the first Roman street food in Milan, born from the desire to export the food and mood of the capital. It offers sandwiches, supplied, and vents for a real, tasty and proper Roman menu. The extremely sketchy staff will make the experience even more original. ♪

  • Favola

    Roman Piazza, 80% hydration, exceptional ingredients.

  • Smash burger di Chuck's Milan

    Chuck's NYC

    Chuck's is the new Smash Burger of the Don't Tell Mom team - the NYC hospitality group by Chuck George - who is assaulting Milan. Chuck's was born to meet the demand of a real American Smash Burger. No expedients or snob design. Only fresh ingredients delivered every day and a fantastic logo for burgers.

  • Katsusanderia

    Katsusanderia was born from the desire of Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi and his team to finally offer their kitchen outside the walls of the Bentōteca, revisiting it to adapt it to transport and consumption in any imaginable place.

    Semplice ed accessible, with products to be consumed at any time of the day and in any situation.

  • e/n enoteca frizzante

    Enoteca sparkling is the new version of the note and/or natural wine cellar, real Milanese stone of natural wine. In the sparkling wine shop you come to drink and stay for the relaxed atmosphere of a natural wine shop in the neighborhood. An always different selection of bubbles, white, red, orange and pink comes from Sidewalk Kitchens to dissect you.

  • Orsonero

    Specialty coffee of excellence in Milan

  • SantoTaco

    Mexican tacos

  • Panificio Le Polveri


  • Gyozaza

    Sister of zazà ramen, is the first authentic gyōzeria of Milan. From gyōzazà the ravioli are cooked on the original Japanese brazier, for a soft and crisp result below. We offer various types of gyōza: the classic stuffed with pork and cabbage, beef, vegetables and shrimps and pores, as well as some seasonal specialties.