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Orsonero Coffee is known as one of the main drivers of the specialty coffee scene in Milan due to their knowledge of high quality and sustainable coffee sourcing as well as their expertise in alternative extraction methods, which made Canadian Barista Brent Jopson pioneer of the Milanese “Third Wave” of coffee. We are honored to host Orsonero in SideWalk Kitchens’ exclusive retail room, where they offer a variety of specialty coffee and single origin blends, accompanied by a selection of pastries and cookies.


Chuck’s is a Smash Burger concept from the team behind Don’t Tell Mom – the hospitality group of NYC restaurateur Chuck George – that is taking Milan by storm.
Born simply from a desire to have places they’d like to go and eat, Don’t Tell Mom created Chuck’s to fulfil an empty market craving a true American Smash Burger. No gimmicks or hoity-toity design. Just fresh ingredients delivered daily and awesome burger logo.

enoteca frizzante

enoteca frizzante is the fresh take of the well reknown e/n enoteca naturale, a true cornerstone in Milan's natural wine scene. At Enoteca Frizzante you can come for a drink and stay for the laid back, relaxed atmosphere of a friendly neighbourhood natural wine bar. The ever changing selection of bubbles, whites, reds, orange, rosé wines comes to Sidewalk Kitchens to quench your thirst.

Le Polveri

“Tornare ai cereali antichi significa ricercare prodotti abbandonati nel tempo, incentivare le piccole attività produttive e riscoprire gusti perduti. Io ci sono nata, dentro a questo trend. Sarà un po’ più impegnativo a livello di produzione, ma a livello di piacere, digeribilità, gusto, questo pane è un’altra cosa.”

– Aurora Zancanaro –

Santo Taco

Santo Taco is a Mexican Street Food restaurant, designed for those who love ethnic cuisine. In our taqueria you will find authentic Mexican flavors, in their most perfect form: los tacos.
Our goal is to make the real Mexican cuisine renown in Italy, in the most authentic way possible, respecting raw materials and recipes faithful to Mexican culture and its cuisine, a Unesco heritage.

Ape Cesare

Ape Cesare is the first Roman street food in Milan, born from the desire to export the food and mood of the capital.It offers sandwiches, supplì, treats and typical sweets, for a a true, tasty and proper Roman menu.The extremely outspoken staff will make the experience even more original.


Sorella di zazà ramen, è la prima autentica gyōzeria di Milano. Da gyōzazà i ravioli sono cotti sull’ originale brasiera giapponese, per un risultato morbido e croccante. Proponiamo vari tipi di gyōza: i classici farciti di maiale e verza, manzo, verdure e gamberi e porri oltre qualche specialità stagionale.Da non perdere anche gli edamame, il pollo fritto giapponese Karaage con la maionese Kewpie e una selezione di birre giapponesi: Asahi Super "Dry", Kirin Ichiban "First Press", Sapporo Silver e Sapporo Black. Si trovano anche i sake ‘cup’ di vetro o in lattina, accompagnamento ideale ai gyōza, i mochi gelato e i dorayaki.


SideWalk Kitchens is a food collective made of 5 kitchens and a coffee shop, inhabited by gastronomical innovators, serving superior quality food and drinks, in line with sustainable principles, at reasonable prices.

Join us in our external food court with 60 seats in Via Bonvesin de la Riva 3, Milan, where you can order from all of our exclusive partners, from breakfast, to lunch to aperitivo and dinner.

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